who does patrick mahomes play football for

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Kansas City Chiefs

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  • Where did Patrick Mahomes play college football?

  • Where did Patrick Mahomes play college football? Patrick Mahomes started his trajectory to NFL stardom as a backup quarterback and a baseball player at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Did you know that Patrick Mahomes also played college baseball?

  • Who is Pat Mahomes SR?

  • Pat Mahomes Sr was a successful professional baseball player pitching in the MLB, joining the league straight out of high school. Patrick grew up around baseball greats that taught him how to be a great athlete. Pat Sr had wanted his son to go into baseball, he had the talent, but Patrick chose football instead.

  • Who are Patrick Mahomes鈥?parents?

  • Patrick Mahomes was born to Pat Mahomes Sr and Randi Martin in 1995. His parents divorced when he was six but the separation was on friendly terms. Both regularly attend games together to watch their son play.

  • Where does Patrick Mahomes rank among all-time quarterbacks?

  • He was ranked 398th overall, 50th from the state of Texas and 22nd among pro-style quarterbacks (curious, considering he had already shown an ability to make plays with his legs as well as his arm). So how did Mahomes fall through the cracks?

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