who does patrick mahomes play football for

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Kansas City Chiefs

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  • Where did Patrick Mahomes play college football?

  • Where did Patrick Mahomes play college football? Patrick Mahomes started his trajectory to NFL stardom as a backup quarterback and a baseball player at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Did you know that Patrick Mahomes also played college baseball?

  • How does Patrick Mahomes鈥?contract compare to other first-round quarterbacks?

  • Mahomes has a rsum unlike any quarterback in football history through three seasons, but his contract in the short term is more in line with what we would have expected for other first-round quarterbacks than it might seem.

  • Who is Patrick Mahomes’godfather?

  • Mahomes and Mets pitcher Mike Hampton shagging fly balls before Game 3 of the 2000 World Series. If having a Major Leaguer for a dad wasn’t enough, Mahomes’ godfather is none other than LaTroy Hawkins, who was the elder Mahomes’ bullpenmate with the Twins. Hawkins may be the first scout on record to notice something special in his godson.

  • Who were Patrick Mahomes’rivals in high school?

  • One of his rivals in high school was White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech, who had high praise for Mahomes’ pitching, saying in 2017 that the two would have been pretty similar pitchers had Mahomes pursued that path.

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