who sings all night long on monday night football

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Aloe Blacc

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  • What artists are on the Monday Night Football song?

  • Hank Williams Jr., Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Derulo all appear on the Monday Night Football song that airs on ESPN. Hank Jr. was cut from Monday Night Football after he compared President Barack Obama to Hitler in 2011.

  • Who sings’all night long (all night) all night’?

  • The sports program started playing a cover of Lionel Richie ‘s 1983 famous hit, All Night Long (All Night), and fans of all ages are curious to know the face behind the mystery voice. If it’s not Lionel Richie, who is singing All Night Long on Monday Night Football?

  • Is the Sunday Night Football song any good?

  • The Sunday Night Football song, the Monday Night Football song, and the Thursday Night Football song are objectively not good. They are hokey. Not only do the lyrics lack subtlety, but they hit you over the head with a giant, blinking neon sign that says FOOTBALL and has an arrow pointing toward the field. They are jingles.

  • Is Aloe Blacc performing 鈥榓ll night long鈥?during the 2021 NFL season?

  • During the 2021 NFL season, football fans of all ages are treated to a cover of Lionel Richie鈥檚 1983 hit single, 鈥淎ll Night Long鈥? which seems to be performed by singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc.

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