who started american football

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Walter Camp

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  • When was American football founded?

  • The game was played in Britain with a set of rules to be followed. The game was founded in 1892 by Walter Camp known as the 鈥淔ather of the American Football鈥? He was the one who brought changes to the rugby football and gave it the name of American football.

  • Who invented football?

  • Walter Camp is a person who invented football and the first written rules. Walter Camp is a big name for this article because it鈥檚 said that he created many different rules and invented American football. The early days of American football were exciting.

  • When did football become a college sport?

  • In 1875, Harvard and Yale played their first intercollegiate match, and Yale players and spectators (including Princeton students) embraced the rugby style as well. The man most responsible for the transition from this rugby-like game to the sport of football we know today was Walter Camp, known as the 鈥淔ather of American Football.鈥?/div>Who Invented (American) Football – HISTORY

  • Who is the father of American football?

  • But, professionally Walter Camp is considered as the American Football father due to his contributions, among them we find: the scrimmage, the downs, advanced pass (with some collaboration), and in 1876, the International American Association of Football (I.A.A.F). WHO TF INVENTED FOOTBALL?

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