who won the eagles football game last night

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  • How did Philadelphia Eagles win the NFC East Championship?

  • Philadelphia rallied from a 5-7 start to win its final four games and capture the NFC East title with a 34-17 victory over the New York Giants, the team’s second division title in three years and third consecutive playoff appearance (the first time the franchise accomplished the latter since 2008-2010).

  • What happened in the Cowboys’41-21 win over the Eagles?

  • The game wasn’t totally over at that point, but it was certainly an indication of what was to come as the Cowboys steamrolled the Eagles 41-21 and moved to 2-1 and atop the NFC East.

  • What time does the Cowboys game with the Eagles start?

  • The Cowboys and Eagles are expected to kick off their matchup at 8:15 p.m. ET from ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas. There will be 17 games on Monday nights in 2021, despite the lack of a doubleheader; the season has extended to 17 games over 18 weeks.

  • When was the last time the Eagles faced the Seahawks?

  • The Eagles have never faced the Seahawks in the playoffs and last faced San Francisco in the playoffs in 1996. The Giants season is over as the franchise awaits the fate of head coach Pat Shurmur. For an instant recap, be sure to check out the live blog below.

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