who’s winning the thursday night football game

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  • What is Thursday Night Football?

  • Today we will discuss about Thursday Night Football: Who won| Tonight| Highlights| Winner. Thursday Night Football (often abbreviated as TNF, branded as Thursday Night Football presented by Bud Light Platinum for sponsorship reasons) is a branding used for the broadcast of National Football League (NFL) games that primarily Airs on Thursday nights.

  • When did Saturday Night Football start on the NFL Network?

  • Beginning on November 23, 2006, the broadcast was originally part of NFL Network鈥檚 Run to the Playoff package, which included Thursday and Saturday nights (five on Thursdays, and three on Saturdays, originally as Saturday Night Football). branded) included a total of eight games aired. during the latter part of the season.

  • What happened in Week 5 of the NFL season?

  • Result and score from Thursday Night Football ft. Seahawks and Rams Week 5 of the NFL season began with a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the LA Rams in the NFC West. The result of the game will be trending for the next several days. It’s still early in the 2021 season but the NFC West is shaping up to be highly competitive this year.

  • What happened in Week 8 of the NFL season?

  • A thrilling game to open up Week 8 of the NFL season saw the league lose its last undefeated team succumb to pressure in a weird end to a great game. The Green Bay Packers produced a great upset in Arizona as they beat the Cardinals despite being without their top three receivers.

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