what to wear to a homecoming football game

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Undoubtedly the easiest outfit you can put together for a football game is wearing your (or even a random) team’sjersey. For a classic look, opt for jeans for bottoms and coordinate your footwear to the color scheme you’re representing.

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  • What to wear to a football game?

  • So here are a few outfit ideas that are super cute, yet practical for a night of football watching. What to Wear to a Football Game T-Shirt | Black Denim | Denim Jacket | Slip-on Sneakers | Tote Bag Padded Vest | White Long Sleeve Tee | Denim | Nude Ankle Boots | Handbag

  • What do Southerners wear to college football games?

  • Of course, not every Southerner is donning pearls and heels or a suit and tie to college football games. If you don鈥檛 want to wear your fanciest duds for the game, no one is going to think you鈥檙e a football-hating heathen. Still, it doesn鈥檛 hurt to put somethought into your game day outfits. You want to wear something practical yet stylish.

  • How do you wear a football jersey to a party?

  • The first way to wear a football jersey is to treat it like a dress (just make sure that it鈥檚 long enough for this) and pair it with a cute pair of white Vans (cowgirl boots work well, too). Wear some spandex shorts underneath so you can run around, play tailgate games, do a keg stand鈥攜ou know, the usual tailgate activities.

  • What to wear to a LSU game?

  • Consider wearing an LSU gingham shirtfor a stylish look that you can wear at the stadium or at happy hour. To boost your team spirit and give your outfit a sportier look, add a baseball hat embroidered with your team logo. Comfortable, But You Still Want to Look Good

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